Important questions when choosing a Laser, Vein & Cosmetic Medicine Clinic:

Who will provide my Consultation?

At some clinics, your consultation is provided by a nurse or technician! At our Toronto Laser clinic, a doctor who is Board Certified in Laser and Vein Medicine provides your consultation, takes a complete medical history, and answers all your questions. We can prescribe any necessary medication and, if there is an alternative to Laser Therapy, we can usually provide it. We also provide comprehensive follow-up care for our patients. Remember, it is your health, do not be afraid to ask for credentials!

How many lasers does the Clinic own?

There is a specific laser that works best for each condition: hair removal, vein therapy, tattoo removal, and so on. But some clinics own, or even rent, only one laser, and try to use it for everything. We often see patients who have had disappointing results because the best laser was not used. At our clinic, we have over seven different types of lasers, with more on the way! Because when a new and better laser is developed, we buy it! This way, our patients are always sure to be getting the best possible treatment, whether it is for hair removal, facial redness, skin rejuvenation, etc. Our lasers are the Gold Standard, and are used in major university teaching hospitals around the world.

Will the treatment be performed personally or directly supervised by a Medical Doctor?

At our clinic, only Board Certified Laser and Vein Doctors perform or directly supervise all your Therapy. We do not use technicians or estheticians to do medical laser work.

What about price? Do you offer specials or packages?

We are confident that our prices are reasonable and very good value, and our patients who have “shopped around’ are constantly confirming this. We don’t offer “packages” because we don’t want to place our patients under an obligation for treatments they may not need. We do not offer “specials” or change our fees from week to week: at our clinic there is no pressure, and no surprises regarding price, just quality medical care.



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