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The experienced, Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses of our Toronto Spider Veins clinic offer proven state-of-the art treatments


  • lasers used in University teaching Hospitals
  • the safest and strongest medicines for comfortable sclerotherapy
  • state-of-the-art imaging technology as required
  • beautiful compression stockings to maintain your results.


spider veins

Our physicians ensure you receive the highest quality treatment.

We have successfully treated thousands of happy patients, visit us

and get an honest assessment of your vein problems, and learn about the proper treatments for you!


Our Doctors ensure deeper feeder vessels are treated first, so you do not have to endure endless, expensive treatment

This is the gold standard of treatment world-wide.


spider veins

In addition to duplex ultrasound, our Doctors use special Transillumination technology. This allows for highly detailed examination of surface, spider veins and the deeper, feeding systems. 



What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins

 are like varicose veins but smaller. They begin as tiny capillaries and appear as blue or red squiggles. They are small red, blue or purple veins that commonly appear on the surface of the thighs, calves and ankles. It's estimated that at least one third of the adult female population is troubled with this common problem. People often seek treatment for spider veins because of cosmetic concern. However, it is also common for spider veins to cause symptoms, such as aching, heaviness, itching and night cramps.

Spider veins usually take on one of three forms:

  • They may appear in a spider shape with a group of veins radiating outward from a central point.
  • They may appear in a pattern that resembles branches on a tree
  • They may be in a linear pattern that appear as thin separate lines.


Spider Veins Treatment

Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

A common form of treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy. This is an in-office procedure where veins are injected with a solution, using small needles, which causes them to collapse and fade from view. The procedure typically improves not only the cosmetic appearance but associated symptoms as well. A few sessions may be required to obtain maximum benefit. During sclerotherapy, the affected leg is elevated to drain blood, and the sclerosant is injected into the spider vein. The procedure normally takes 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how many spider veins are treated. You may need repeated sessions and many injections per session depending on the extent of the spider veins and type of sclerosant used.

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Lasers may also be used to treat spider veins. During laser treatment, intense light is directed to the veins, eliminating them permanently. Lasers are especially suited to treat small spider veins when a needle cannot be used.

Bruising usually occurs in the area treated after laser treatments and lasts for a few weeks. The cost of laser treatment for spider veins is usually higher compared to sclerotherapy.


Spider Vein Clinic


Our Toronto Spider Veins Clinic offers expert treatment and consultation with Board Certified Physicians. Please not that many med-spas advertise the use of lasers in the treatment of veins. Lasers are only effective for the most fine, hair thin red spider veins. And the results are always then temporary, if the veins clear at all.


The state of the art world-wide is to use imaging technology to make sure there are no deeper feeder veins that need to be cleared first, and then to use sclerotherapy
to treat the smaller vessels. We have the best lasers in the world, but only use them to touch up the finest clusters. This is the gold standard of treatment world-wide.
Do not be fooled into endless, unsuccessful treatments.
Once one of or Board Certified Vein Doctors has asessed your problem, a treatment program will be explained in detail.


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