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Our patients receive the benefits of the laser system considered by physicians world-wide as the "Gold Standard" for the treatment of a wide variety of vascular skin conditions. 

Candela Vbeam laser therapy is gentle enough for use on infants as young as a few weeks old, yet powerful enough to treat most adult skin problems.

In addition to the best standard of care currently available in the industry, the Vbeam is less painful than other vascular laser systems. This is due to Candela's exclusive technology known as DCDtm, Dynamic Cooling Device.

DCD sprays a liquid onto the skin before each laser pulse, cooling the upper layers of skin, and providing increased comfort to patients. Vbeam is the only pulsed dye laser with DCD integrated into the system.

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What conditions are treated with the Candela Vbeam laser?

  • Telangiectasias - commonly known as facial spider veins or broken blood vessels.

  • Rosacea (red face) - affecting the skin of the face around the nose, chin, and cheeks causing a blush or sunburned look.

  • Angiomas - small red spots which may be slightly raised or just beneath the surface of the skin.

  • Port Wine Stain Birthmarks - vascular lesions that grow rapidly after birth and may impair the function of another organ.

  • Warts - small benign growths in the skin that usually    appear on the hands or feet.

  • Scars - red raised scars that are often caused by surgery,    trauma, or burns.

  • Stretch Marks - frequently appearing after pregnancy    over the stomach, thighs, buttocks, and lower back.

  • Acne - Certain forms of Acne can respond well to the    Vbeam.

  • Skin Rejuvenation - The Vbeam can be used as part of a    program for total skin Rejuvenation

  • Psoriasis - Certain forms of Psoriasis respond very well

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    Are there any side effects?

    Patients will experience some discoloration or reddening of the skin around the treatment site. Some patients may experience hypo- (reduced pigment)
    or hyperpigmentation (increased pigment). The skin will typically return to normal pigmentation over time.

    Vbeam Vascular Laser Fees

    Fees (per Session)

    Spot: $100.00
    Nose: $175.00
    Cheeks and Nose: $350.00
    Lower face (below the forhead): $425.00
    Full face: $500.00

    On average, 3-4 sessions are required for maximal cosmetic result.

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