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Toronto Tattoo Removal

Why trust your laser tattoo removal to a non-medical spa, or a clinic where you never even meet a physician?

At our Clinic, only Board Certified Laser Doctors provide your consultation, and personally perform all your laser treatments, including any topical anesthetic you may need. And we only use lasers specifically designed to remove tattoos!

We use two seperate laser systems with 4 different wavelengths - truly the state-of-the-art for black, dark and light blue, green, red, and other colors. And we do over 100 tattoo removals every month!

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Toronto Tattoo Removal

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Our Q-Switched ND-Yag Laser emits powerful beams of light, designed to be absorbed specifically by the particles of ink in the skin. Certain colors of light are absorbed by specific colors of the tattoo ink. The light fragments the ink particles and your body absorbs these particles naturally. The color fades over a few weeks.

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Are there other ways of removing my Tattoo?

Laser tattoo removal is the safest, quickest treatment available, and the least likely to damage your skin. Other treatment options are surgical excision, chemical peel and traditional dermabrasion. These are rarely used today as they have a high likelihood of scarring the skin.

What are the side effects of Laser Tattoo removal?

There is sometimes redness, mild swelling or tenderness, crusting, a sunburnt sensation, or itching right after laser treatment. The doctors will discuss your treatment program with you at the time of your consultation and be happy to tell you more about what you can expect from laser tattoo removal. If you experience anything different than what is discussed with you following your treatment, report back to your physician for a follow-up visit.

What are treatments like?

First, the tattoo is cleansed and photographed. Emitting laser or pulsed light, the laser hand piece glides over the surface of the tattoo. The size and color of the tattoo determine the length of treatment time. A tattoo the size of a quarter would take approximately 3-5 minutes to treat. Some patients request a topical anesthetic cream that when applied prior to a treatment, can minimize the stinging effect of the laser or intense light. Many patients tolerate the removal procedure without topical anesthetic and report the treatment as feeling similar to numerous rubber band snaps. An ointment is applied following the treatment to keep the area moist and then it is covered with a protective dressing.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments that you will need to effectively erase the tattoo depend on its size, color, location and age. During your consultation, the doctor will discuss your treatment plan and answer all of your questions. Be sure to contact us if you experience side effects not described during your consultation.

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What results can I expect?

Results vary from patient to patient. After each session the tattoo becomes lighter. Various types of ink are used in tattooing, so the results and the number of treatments vary. Typically, multiple treatments will be required and are scheduled 4 to 8 weeks apart. Amateur tattoos generally require 4-6 treatments, while professional tattoos can take up to 10 treatments or more. Black, dark blue, and red colours respond best.

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Toronto Laser Tattoo Removal Fees (per session): Amateur tattoos require 3-6 sessions on average Professional require 8-12 on average. 6-8 weeks apart (at least).This is true no matter what you have been promised.

Prices start at $160 per session. The vast majority of tattoos fall between $175 and $225 per session. There are no added fees for multiple colors. There is a major discount for multiple tattoos, and for incomplete tattoos and outlines.

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